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Any Questions?

Give it to me straight! In English. How's this work exactly?

All other major hotel websites make money by marking up the hotel price (taking margin) or geting a commission (between 7-18%).

We don't add margin or take commission.

That means the prices are rock bottom.

We only charge a subscription, so you keep all the savings for yourself!

We've seen prices up to 75% off of typical sites like the ones that rhyme with Pexpedia and Miceline.

Our first customer booked a 3 night stay for $157 cheaper than was advertised on That's more than 3x the time of the annual subscription in one reservation!

We're going to have to geek out on you a bit to answer this one.

There's a little thing in the hotel world called "rate parity", which is an industry agreement that unless there's a special reason (like a group contracts with the hotel directly and gets special rates in a special contract), all publicly advertised rates have to be the same.

"But they aren't always exactly the same," you say?

The only caveats to this are the contracted rates a broker might do usually for special events or groups. Those are limited, and are only found on that one event's website.

And then you ask... "So how are YOU so special?"

Well, remember "rate parity" agreements have to do with publicly advertised rates. This is why we can't let you see the exact hotel and their exact rates without being a member. Membership means you're in the club (and thus, private). Once you are in the club, we are allowed to offer you those super-discounted rates that aren't publicly available.

Voila. Now you're smarter. Thank us by signing up and seeing for yourself.

Nope. We stick to hotels, where there's lots of profit margin we can give away to you. Airlines and cars don't have that same high margins that hotels have.

Almost all of them.

Honestly. Here's a list of countries our customers have searched and found super-discounted hotel prices in: Portugal, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Dubai, India, Ireland and so many more!

You've really got nothing to lose by trying us out. Sign up for free and compare us with the others! You have nothing to lose.

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